Am I only trained to use LA Tan products?


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Sep 7, 2013
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I qualified with them so does that mean I can't go with another company and use.there.products
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Hi :)

I think each tanning company recommends you take their training as all tan company's can spray a different way to achieve better results. But you don't have to train with them. So yes you can work with any tan company without obtaining training with each. :)

Nicola! Xxx
So if I want to use for example omg products I don't have to take there course first no? I'm thanks for.your help! Xxx

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No I didn't have to when I changed over from fake bake to omg! X

Nicola! Xxx
Thanks for your help! I love La tan I just wanted to no for future reference :) x

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It depends what your qualification is.

If you have a nationally accredited spray tanning qualification then you can use any solution you want. If you only have in house product training then your only covered to use the product you trained with.

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