An Apology Must Be Made!!!


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Jan 11, 2003
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Recently, a post was made regarding The Creative Nail Place website being for the consumer only and therefore as a professional you should go to your supplier :idea: We would like to make it clear that this is ONLY true regarding Creative Nail Design products :!:

There is a whole section of Nail Art products that are at trade prices and I am well informed that most of these prices would be hard to beat!!!

I have known Andy who owns the site for some time now and we didn't realise that he also sold to the trade!! We would NEVER have intentionally posted what we did had we been aware of the situation so... :oops: :oops: Andy - please accept our apologies babe :rolleyes:
The site is and please feel free to check out nail art fun products for the holiday season!!! ;) ;)
:oops: Andy - please accept our apologies babe :rolleyes:

Thank you for your gracious comments Mrs Geek

But I would like to point out our site is


Regards Andy
Well I have to say that I bought a nail art kit from there and it was really good. (Quality of video wasn't so great though!) However, definatley a bargain! :D
just had to say i had to have a look at the creative nail place web site.
and i'm gonna get me the nail art kit asap. it looks very competitive.
see andy mr and mrs geek didn't do you any harm.
any advertising is good advertising.

jan x
I bought my EON from Creative Nail Place ........... had to give them 10/10 ...... such fast service, it arrived within a couple of days.
See Andy - YOU ARE LOVED :oops: :oops: :oops: :tongue:
ive brought tha art kit with video and other bits and bobs like the nail art display magnetic board and the v brush pens - there fab.. my only complaint was the lenny vid but thats not cnp's fault......
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