Annoying Fabric# problem!!


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Jun 26, 2003
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Reading, Berks
Hi just wondered if anyone could throw some light on a wittle Fabric# problem I have!
Whenever I wear Fabric tip & overlay myself I always end up with the tips snapping at the free edge! Only on a couple of fingers but it has happened each time I've worn a set. ( I have to keep taking them off and reapplying now & then as I can't wear extensions to College!)
Any ideas why? I haven't had any clients complain of this so far, so wondered if I'm just a bit too heavy handed or if I'm doing something wrong. I always follow application to the word,& use 2 layers of build and 3 of boost.
Any ideas?
Allison ;-)
Well I would say that you are not experiencing a problem with Fabric#, but a problem with you!! :D Yes I would agree that the nails on those 2 fingers are being worn at a length that is a little long for the stress you are putting on them.

This is an easy problem to solve, isn't it? Either shorten the two nails to a more manageable length OR make them even stronger by using a stress strip. However normally this step is not necessary.
Ohhhhh thanx! You know when somethings just a bit too obvious for your own good!! Me lacking some self confidence too I expect and getting a tad paranoid!!
Shall try and be more careful and have them shorter and see what happens.
Cheers Geeg, what would we do without the likes of you!!
Allison ;-)
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