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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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Ive made up a web site on freewebs ,its a bit basic,but i just wanna let peeps know im out there before the christmas rush..:)wot i wanna know is how do i actually make the website live,so people can see it,please let me know ,and i hope this is not a really stupid question,but i cant see anything on how to do it!:irked:
as soon as you press the button that says publish changes the website goes live :)
Thank u hunny will have a look xx
thought I might elaborate further as I am working on mine at the moment.... you know when you are finished with a page and your happy with it and you press DONE up the top right? well a little screen should come up and ask if you want to publish all pages, you press yes.. then go to the main screen and then press VIEW SITE and it will pop up in another window, thats your site.. live :)
ooh,ok glad its not just me,i dont want it to go live for another couple of weeks yet but just wanted to know how to do it,i ll have a look see how i get on:)
I press DONE and I can't see ANYTHING that says to publish it.
no little window that pops into the middle of your screen?
where is the PUBLISH button?
no, no little page. can't see anything like that.
sorry me neither hunx
Changes Not Showing After I Save
In the new Site Builder you have two options after editing a page. You can save a draft or publish your changes. If you see a draft icon next to the page name in the Site Manager, the changes you have made have not been published to your live website yet. Edit the page and click the Done button. You will be prompted to publish the page. If you want to publish all of your pages, check the box below the publish button that says Publish All Pages.

** If you do not see the publish option, and you have been using Freewebs for a while, you may still be using the Paragraph Editor. Clicking Done will automatically publish your site changes.

If you have made changes to your site pages, and have saved the changes by selecting Done for both the Paragraph Editor and the Page Editor, the changes will take effect immediately. Simply refresh the browser in which you are viewing the site to see the changes take effect. If refreshing your browser does not correct the error, you should try the following:

- in your browser, click Tools, then select Internet Options
**If you're using Internet Explorer 7 and do not see the Tools option, right click on your tab bar (next to the House icon) and select Menu Bar from the options

- click Delete Cookies, Files, and History or select Delete from the Browsing History section and select Delete All
- click Done
- go to your site and refresh your browser again.
when I press DONE, it says press done and exit
it then takes me to the site editors page
Now press the SEE SITE top right if nothing is showing then you need to go thru and read the help section on freewebs.
I aint still having no joy either:irked:
I can view my site.
What is the.. domain..:rolleyes: all about do i have to get one of these first?
I can't even get on now!!!!
Nightmare aint it ,looking at this domain buisness looks like you gotta buy it,so much for bein... freewebs:irked:.Think im gonna leave it for to night,see if anyone else has any ideas to moz:idea:or has had the same experience.

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