Any body got a tutorial for a beehive look

I need to do a beehive look can any body help me
with a video instruction please

Sorry hun I dont but alot of back combing and possible artifical hair in the center to wrap it aaround to give it a thicker more dence look.

Jeni Giles

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Thanks girls really helpful. got to do 4 beehives this week its getting really popular.


Lelli Loo Loo


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in the old days, .... they used a styrofoam cup in the middle and pinned the layers to it along with alot of backcombing....kind of an anchor .

I think Amy Winehouse as made it so trendy again :)
I read somewhere she was having a 3 foot beehive created. Personally I just think she'll look like Marge Simpson:eek: