Any brow waxing tips?

Samantha Sona

I am using Lockdown as an opportunity to improve upon the services we offer. One service that I am not particularly confident with is brow waxing. I find I have to apply the wax 2 or 3 times to get all the hairs off. Does anybody have any tips for how I can improve? I am using a Lycon Baby Wax Machine.


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I always make sure the skin and hairs are clean and dry. I find the eyebrow area is very sensitive and I don't like going over it more than once. If you can keep the skin more taut (gently, of course) that also helps. If you're having trouble, maybe you can shadow someone's work that you admire? I know it's hard during these times. Maybe YouTube or a friend that will videochat you?


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Are you using too much pre oil? The face is more oily so don't need to apply much at all x

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That’s odd. Stretching stretching stretching, very light with the pre wax oil. Like half of one drop and massage it in, then blot with a wax strip. Not enough and it will remove more dead and living skin than hair and too much won’t remove hardly anything.

Apply very thinly.

Wax wise, I vaguely remember when I first started having trouble with creme waxes, like having to go over legs all the time so I started trying out everything until I was happy one pot at a time. Gets you confident in your techniques aswell as more adaptable. I currently use just wax blue but really happy with jax wax in white. I very rarely have to go over again, but while it could be the wax it could also be I’ve been doing it 8 years now and I’ve just got better over time and you could just need more practice as you don’t do enough of them to feel that confidence.
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