Any Geeks in NZ, specifically Tauranga?


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Jul 31, 2007
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New Zealand
Just wondering if there were any geeks from NZ on here. And more importantly any geeks around my area??? I've not long moved here and would love to meet some more geeky locals. :o)
I'm in New Zealand, just not Tauranga, I'm in Aucks
Perhaps I should have asked the question sooner, I just moved down here from Auckland.
Hi geeks in NZ,

I live in Scotland at the moment but my husband and I may be moving to New Zealand in a few months. I would like to ask you how popular are beauty treatments in NZ, especially waxing. I do offer other treatments too including massage but waxing is my speciality. I run my own business from home at the moment and I am thinking ahead of how it will be for me to build a client base in NZ. I don't know where about we're moving to yet but there is a chance that we move to Christchurch or Wellington. I would love to live in Tauranga though.. Any help will be appreciated.:hug:

Thanks xx
Hello I am in Mt Maunganui, I have the salon Nail Niche on Maungnaui Road, always nice to talk to other techs, I am also an Educator/Consultant for Nail Systems NZ :biggrin:

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