Any good budget extension suppliers? Keep receiving wrong colours


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Apr 21, 2021
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So I'd been doing extensions employed since 2017, and I think we used Euphoria One in the salon i worked at for years, and since going self employed I've decided to offer them as a cheaper option to clients. I also always saw only good things being said about them on here as well.
Anyway, since restarting by myself last week, two out of three sets i have ordered have turned up odd colours but when I go back to them saying this is surely wrong, they've said the hair is the correct match. Ive attached some photos, am i wrong is the colour ok or is this normal? Is there any budget range that is true to their colour ring? Its stressful having clients booked in and having to send hair back and rebook etc.

My high range option is Remi cachet but I find it hard to get people to agree to it as its so expensive, I'm worried if I only offer that I wont attract anyone as my prices will look so high. I would've picked angel remy but they never have stock and i use mini tips, not sure if they do them but hair kings don't and I think they're the same suppliers? Would you guys say Euphoria and Angel remy are the same quality and last the same amount of time?
Help! and Thank you!


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