Any local BRISA techs that can help me?


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May 4, 2006
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Hi guys!! Just wondering if there are any techs local to me.. (Staffordshire) that can give me some in-depth info on BRISA..

This seems to be the best system for my situation due to my allergies.. (in the form of blocked sinuses/wheezing/coughing etc)

Before I invest more money in yet another system, I want to be able to use it without the symptoms I normally get..

My lovely geek friend Theresa (Oey) has given me alot of help and guidance about my allergies etc over time, and was very kindly offering to do me some Biosculpture nails to see if they suit me, BUT we have come to the conclusion that this wouldn't be exactly what I want as I feel I will have more demand for tip&overlay, rather than just nno's..

I have not tried sculpting either you see and all the sets I have done have been with tips, and that is what my clients have wanted..

I understand that with gels, you can't use white tips :cry:.. which means that I will have to go back to natural tips/blending etc.. I have mostly used white tips you see on 'real people', but I know that lot of you on here do not like using them!!

If anyone can reply to this with useful info, or pm me with kit and training costs and if they feel this system would suit me.. that would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks guys!!

Frankly, you are far better talking direct to CND .. 0845 210 60 60

And as long as you use a clear gel, you can most certainly use it over a white tip.

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