Any Mary Cohr Skin Geeks??


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Feb 27, 2006
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Hi geeks

I am introducing a second skin care line and have been looking into Mary Cohr. To me it is a very repitable co and the info pack alone was very impressive. I was looking for some feedback whether you have this salon range or even have these facial/ body treatments.


NC :)
Hi, I'm afraid I don't know anything about Mary Cohr but if you are looking at introducing a second skincare line, consider what if offers that your current line doesn't give you ?
thanks zo zo. I use eve taylor which is aromatherapy based. mary cohr is too but what is attracting me is it catio range, its geared for lifting/ anti aging which i feel eve taylor is not as strong on. i used to get guinot facials myself and am of the opinion mary cohr is second to that. Guinot is not available to me as salon round corner has it.
I think Mary cohr, gatineau and phytomer are from the same supplier aren't they?
Mary Cohr's products have gotten better over the years and are aromatherapy based.

Your right about the catio facial - its very similar to the guinot cathiodermie (cathio's were huge in the 90's but I never hear much about them these days.

I have also fancied the Mary Cohr range and facial - because I trained in Guinot years ago, I felt very at 1 with the facial and retailing.

The good news is that the skincare sanctuary are a very helpful company.

When I was in cyprus - Mary Cohr was on just about every bus stop billboard.

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