Any reason why OPI gel isn't used by you guys?


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Sep 2, 2013
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Hi Guys

I'm new to Salon Geek and the world of nails, however I've noticed that there are a lot of people using different brands, but OPI gel doesn't seem to be one of them. Have I missed a mass of OPI threads or is there a reason for this?

I ask as I personally found that the UV from the Shellac curing significantly tanned my hands (yes, it was an official light), so intend to specialise in OPI gel as I don't have this problem with the LED.

Your feedback would be appreciated :)

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Can't comment on the OPI gels but, UV lamps will not be taking your hands.
The strength is no where near as strong as a sunbed

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I think it's a simple answer :)

OPI launched gelcolor very late in the gel polish revolution. Most people had already chosen & bought in a different line by the time it was released.

With regards to the light issue... It all sounds rather odd & scientifically improbable. The UVA emissions of a nail lamp are so minimal that it wouldn't tan a beetle - let alone a human.

An LED lamp also emits UVA rays, albeit a narrower frequency range, so whilst you might enjoy quicker curing you will be exposed to the same form & intensity of uv light.
I use OPI Gelcolor and OPI Axxium Gel and I love them both. I also use shellac and can't imagine for one moment that the lamp would cause tanning!!
Fair enough that OPI were late into the gel market, was thinking that everybody knows something I don't, phew!

In regards to the tanning; I tan very easily (even in winter). I even tried using gloves with the fingers cut off and you could see that my fingertips were darker, my boyfriend found it hilarious and also quite concerning. Luckily the OPI led machine doesn't have this effect so I can still wear my beloved gel.

I realise this side effect must be quite rare otherwise other people would have complained of it. I do like to be different :D

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I have vitiligo all over my fingers and they burn from just a glimpse of sun so I doubt very much that your hands are tanning from the light? Seems extremely odd - do you have a line on your hand where they come out of the light...
The uv lamp will definitely not tan your hands!! If you were in there for about 500 hours maybe!!

I'm BioSculpture trained and recently wanted to add a gel polish, so tried OPI. I can't say I was that impressed, they stayed on really well but it wouldn't go on neat, lots of shrinkage issues and I just didnt feel happy with the finish! More recently I've switched to shellac and don't have any of these problems! That's my reason for not using OPI :)
When I for my shellac training a lady asked if the cnd lamp could cause skin cancer and of she should provide sunscreen for her clients to use during treatment! Obviously the trainer reassured her that there was no chance this could happen and that you receive more harmful rays from the sun walking from your front door to your car. In that case I can't see how the lamp could induce tanning in any way x
I think there are alot of people who use opi gelcolor, me being one. You just have to search for the threads.

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