any salon/mobile recommendations for the Derby area?


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Dec 30, 2004
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Derby, UK
i'll start off by saying what a fantastic site this is :D i've been lurking for ages & have found all the info i've needed (until now) from previous posts...

unfortunately, my natural medium length nails are in a terrible state at the moment :cry:. i think this is due to an hour in the swimming pool at least 5 days a week!

breaking/splitting just at the free edge, flaking, peeling - you name it, i've got it :eek:. i tried creative toughen up for about a 8 weeks under my normal polish (seche base & top coat) with nsi oil on a daily basis - didn't make any great improvement. changed over to jessica fusion for around 4 weeks now with no polish on top, trying to remember the oil :o, & things are still the same.

searched on here today for swimming, chlorine etc & i think i want to make my 1st booking for some professional help (i'm thinking Sculptured Gel?) - Derby area, either a salon or a mobile tech.

i don't know where to start looking for a decent tech, so this is my 1st post & all help would be greatly received!

Abbie :green:

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