any wholesalers sell nsi???


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Apr 27, 2004
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hi just looking through nsi book i got with scratch they do wicked nasil art stuff wanted to try some out but the postage is high is there anywhere else i can buy it???? xx
I know some wholesalers to sell it but depends on how far you want to travel out as i only know the ones local to Rayleigh and Benfleet, the one in Rayleigh is called ultimate and im sure Sherrie said one in Benfleet does it too x
u got the addie or number for the one in rayleigh so i can look it on the map on how to get there thanxs xx
Hi Em no im afraid i dont i just went there once with Wendy as she uses that wholesalers quite a bit, im sure if you ring directory enquiries and ask for Ultimate in Rayleigh they can give you the number its on the A127, its a turn off at Progress Road which is an industrial estate x
thanxs for ure help xx
Hi Emma,

If you phone them and tell them what you want they normally reduce the postage for small items and send by recorded delivery. That price is for a big 10KG order I was told last time I phoned.

What nail art are you after I have some similar stuff to theres. :?:
Thanxs Ill Phone Them And Find Out Xx

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