anyone else actually TRIED inverted nail application?


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Mar 21, 2007
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Inverted nail application - Today, 08:55 AM

I have tried this "method",not the actual moulds shown on you tube as I am in US and can't seem to find them anywhere.
I took a full well nail tip coated the inside with cuticle oil and used that as my mould.I was SKEPTIAL! I used colored acrylic.I prepped the nail as i would any other time and i use Young Nails protein bond and acrylic.the tip I used was not as thin or flexible as the easynails moulds so the nail looked like the tip i used-abit flat-but i think you could pinch a flexibel mould a bit to get a "c" curve just as with sculpting with a form you pinch to get a "c" curve.I have seen some pretty ugly nails with tips or sculpting-it is the nail techs talent and effort that makes any nail look like art!
anyhoo-------there was very little seepage but that is up to the nail techs skill level on you l to p ratio and the amount of product you place in the mould.The nail tip I used was a bit hard to get off but i did manage it-the nail was like glass.You know how the underside of a sculpt is so shiny? Same here.I did just gently file around the cuticle.shaped the nail and applied Young Nail finish under a UV light for shine because I buffed the cuticle.this nail was on my nail for 4 weeks with no lifting or any probs-and it was thin!! Looked just like the rest of my nails!!! I have done nails for 25 years and i am excited as nail art is back in but not airbrushed or painted on--clients want nails that are interesting and fun but no "drying" time!!

think of it this way----you are NOT pulling up the product trying to perfect the nail-there is very little seepage so that prevents lifting and you are not contaminating the nail plate brushing,patting and poking the nail-not finishing period! What a hand,arm and nail saver---who enjoys filing? Not me,not the client.

take a full well clear nail tip and try it-you will have a little line where the well is but that is why i filed the nail a bit.I also just took my brush and wiped off any bit of acrylic that seeped out while it was wet.Just like I do when i normally do nails---fills are the same as always-file or efile the nail-as with gels and the new UV tops coats when you fill-those topcoats are acrylic light cured(plastic) too-what is the diff????? Most of my cllients want shiny,durable nails.

Try it before you knock it------if any of you know the italian company that sell the ones you peel off i need that website again.
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Also Tricky did her own version, check out her tutorial

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