Anyone have experience of N-Lite treatment for acne?


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Zo Zo

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Apr 16, 2007
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Earley, Berkshire
A client of mine is considering N-Lite treatment for acne. Does anyone have any experience of this, that they can share?
Many thanks in advance. :hug:
hiya zo zo
cant comment on the actual treatment as i dont do it & dont know anyone that has had it done, but i remember seeing it on this morning & the doctor (cant remember his name but its not dr hillery) was talking about acne & recommended n-lite & explained why it worked, if i remember rightly it has 2 different coloured lights, one kills of the bacteria that cause pustules, the other helps to heal & rejuvinate the skin. this is just what i remember & my memory is not the best so i may have got this slightly wrong, but i hope this helps.
Thanks Sharez, the clip from This Morning is on a clinic's website, it all looks really promising. We are just concerned in case anything should go wrong (such as burning / scarring.) It's a tough one. Anyone else? Please!
i would expect that they would have good training, you may want to call them & ask them what it entails & any other questions that you may have, hope someone else can help a bit more.

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