Anyone know about cat flaps?


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Nov 7, 2014
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I'm cat sitting and the cat on Wednesday hurt its foot. Vet said to keep her in and settled so locked the catflap.

She's now loads better on her feet, very restless and clawing things. So decided to unlock the cat flap.

The cat flap is one of those which only registers and open for particular microchips. However when the cat tried to come in the latch didn't drop.

Do I need to reprogram/re-register it?!
Mine as several different settings on it so I'd check to make sure it's at the right one as its more confusing than a manual cat flap also check the batteries. Mine has a red warning light when they are running low
I don't know anything about cat flaps and I hope the paw is healing but just wanted to say this is my favourite thread title EVER :)
It's been a while since I had one but mine used to have a manual clip you could close it with. If not just use a piece of cardboard taped over the front (inside obviously) until it's allowed out again
Thanks everyone! Roll on Thursday when I don't have to worry about the cat!!

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