Anyone know 'Living Nature' Products?


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Oct 2, 2007
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Guildford, Surrey
Hi there,

I currently use a brand called Mary Kay Cosmetics for my mobile make-up artistry business which I find is fab and suits my needs perfectly well and I earn plenty in product sales as well as the services I offer...however, I have recently become interested in more natural products for myself (both skin care and make-up) and I like the look of the Living Nature range. I have tried a lot of the products myself and am considering switching...does anyone have any thoughts on this and do you tend to find that more people are asking for natural / organic products now? To be honest, no-one has ever asked me if I offer natural maybe it's just me??? If you use Living Nature's it going??? Thanks.

Rachel Durrant - Make-up Artist (Guildford) Home Page
I used the foundation from Living Nature and I liked it.Nice texture with a medium covarage.Sorry I cant help with more informations.
How about Jane Iredale or Lili Lolo?They are both mineral cosmetics with minimum chemicals.x

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