Anyone use the pro claim hair range ?


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Oct 23, 2007
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And would you recommend it, I was told their super bond hair remover shampoo was best at taking hair extensions out - has anybody used this in their salon?
il take that as a no then, thanks all the same
we sell proclaim at sallys, its a product mainly used on afro caribbean hair, so if you are using it on european hair it may be too heavy/greasy. I've never tried the bond remover shampoo ...sorry!
Hi , Ive never heard of them ,
I found these posts on another forum by other people having a discussion about them , thought it might help :hug: x

Posted: 18 Oct 2007, 13:44 i need to get this glue out of my hair from the extensions! any ideas? i tried the stuff from sally beauty suppliesssss

18 Oct 2007, 16:33 Which stuff from Sally's did you use, the Proclaim oil or the Proclaim bond removal shampoo?
Because a LOT of people come in and buy just the shampoo, and just the shampoo won't take it out. You use the shampoo after you use the takes the remover oil out of your hair, along with the nasty glue balls that are left over.

19 Oct 2007, 17:53 i asked the lady because i had already ripped the extenstions out of my head :/ ( they were like falling out)
i used the oil stuff, thats what she told me to get. now should i get the shampoo??!

20 Oct 2007, 08:39
Yes, saturate the glue with the oil, then use a fine-tooth comb (like one of the cheap rattail combs) and comb as much out as you can...then use the shampoo to get the rest out

thanks so much!! :)

26 Oct 2007, 16:52
nooo...u have to use the same type of liquid used for finger nail polish (acetone)...more alcohol base, ...not an oil base...if need be, i can help you tale them out....if ur in in nnorth hollywood and a hair stylist... no wonder your hair's coming out.....that type of glue isnt oil based.... i take them out all of the time for my clients.....

29 Oct 2007, 07:34
i bought the glue remover shampoo and i havent tried it yet, i just got it! maybe thatll work

Thanks for that, appreciate the responses - think im going to get both and do as they say start with the oil then the shampoo - i just hope they dont damage my hair or my colour...i dont even wear a lt of extensions just three wefts as my own hair is already long, i just add them in for volume..x

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