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Dec 29, 2008
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I am now at the point where I cannot cope with the clients ringing my blackberry all day and night (nice position to be in tho) and booking them on the blackberry, I have a junior now and need a software system that she can book appts on.

Advice please?

It seems a minefield out there and we are still only just us 2 so I dont really want a monthly fee!

I'm currently trying Salonium, it is really simple to use, also it is free for the basic package. hth
I have a junior now and need a software system that she can book appts on.

What information do you need to record? If all you're looking for is an online calendar, I don't think it can get easier than Google Calendar which is free & you can still continue to make bookings on your mobile if required.

If your needs are more complex, then you might be better off with something different. I use icomplete. It does have a monthly fee, but I think it's worth it. It's £12 a month or £15 a month if you want to get a business phone line that can be configured to ring any other number you want.

icomplete features
Record bookings in the calendar,
Record full contact details for your customers, including birthdays (so you can send special offers)
Record what services and products each customer has bought.
Record any notes about the customer's preferences.
Send emails or text message reminders to your customer from the customer record.
Easily set reminders to contact customers when their next visit is due.
Set reminders for yourself or your Junior (or she can set reminders for you) that you'll receive by text or email.

You can get a free trial (without having to give any payment details.) It's really easy to use!

If you ever want to divert your business calls, so your customers speak to a person rather than voice mail, I can highly recommend the following call answering service Telephone Answering Service |

They answer calls 24 hours a day. With most phones, you can set up a divert, so it will get diverted to the call answering service when your line is engaged or rings a set number of times.

Wow, I didn't realise I had so much to say about all this! :eek: Forgive my geekiness. :rolleyes: Hope you found this useful.

Let us know what you decide to go with!
wow thank you both i am going to investigate this weekend

hope to see u at salon international (on the sunday)

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