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Mar 14, 2012
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Probably a silly question but do the geeks that work and rent their own salon/room etc work by appointment only? Or do you do walk in's also when it's just you working there?
If I'm free when someone walks in I'll always do their treatment for them. Be crazy not to ;)
I work in a hairdressers but whether I am booked up or not I am there, I would hate to think of missing a walk in. You never know, they could end up becoming a repeat client, lots of mine have.

I may take a chance on a very odd occasion and leave an hour early if Ive had a very slow day but Im always there bright and early and would stay until late if someone wanted me too even if I was quiet until they came in.

I work above a hairdressers along with another self employed girl. I've been here since last June and all of last year I stayed for the full day and learn that there is barely any walk ins. Since I have an online business as well I will stay at home and go there when appointments do come through but I suppose if I didnt have that I'd probably stay more hours

I find I get a lot of walk ins, weather I'm free or not i still make time to do them, If I'm free I'll do them there and then if not I ask if they could come back at a certain time when I can do them.

Majority of people come back especially when the first time they come and you can fit them in there and then

Never turn a walk in away x

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