ARGHHHH,, that's why you use Shellac lol


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Jun 11, 2009
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liverpool uk
Hi geeks, first time I posted on her, but here goes. lol

I am really really mad at myself for not taking my own advise and being lazy, only to find it takes longer. I have grown my own nails thanks to shellac, only to find i removed my shellac last week and not had time or inclination to re-apply after working 12 hr days and being super mum,, but anyway, I have spare hour this evening and what do I do,,,???

Yes you guessed it tried to be lazy I really really needed something on them as found myself nibbling, soooo, I though or kinda tried to convince myself I will paint them with regular enamel, it will be quicker, and I can shellac them on sunday...hmmmm.

I took 10 mins to choose colour, done base and 1st coat of paris in pink (cnd) then done 2nd, then decided, ohh fancy sparkle so added an effect,,, great looked fab,,,, sat few mins sprayed with solar oil,,,waited, went into kitchen opened fridge,,pinky was gooey at corner:mad::mad:..ok so kinda fixed.

Went to get topcoat suoer shiney out of box,,,,wheyyyy 2 more smudged:eek::eek:, not impressed at this point Its been well over 1hr since very first started, I should of just done shellac,,, just shows might seem to take longer but really doesnt as I have spent over 1 hr for me to have to remove and start again WITH SHELLAc,,,why dont i just take my own advise lol xx

ohhh I am so lazy sometimes.:hug:

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