ASP Signature gel-I'm finding it hard to remove!


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Welshie Lou Lou

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Oct 21, 2013
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I'm finding it very difficult to remove this gel completely. The nail feels like there is still a film on the nail plate.
I don't want to scratch it off as it can damage the nail plate!
I've phoned ASP twice now and I seem to be following the correct advice.
Am I putting on the base coat too thick?
I'm disappointed because I want to start officially charging, but I've got no confidence in removing the gel!
Any experts out there?
It takes my ages....I can't see me making much money out if this!
Hi I'm not an expert but I use asp products and I place the acetone or asp remover into my hand tub and then place that into really warm water. This makes it come off quicker. You can also score the nails with the pointy edge of your tools. Don't get the acetone in the water though because it will react X

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Thank you mrsknb.

I soak cotton wool in the asp signature remover, then wrap in foil.

I was wondering if just leaving nails in a "soak bath" would help.

How do you manage with feet?
I hated using ASP as it was a nightmare to remove and always chipped, try buffing over them then putting them in heated mitts x
Thank you dudeymel.

That's a good idea. I don't want to give up on ASP Signature yet, because I've bought so many polishes!

What do you use now?
I have used the soak off with cotton wool balls wrapped in foil... Then place under the lamp for a few minutes. This helped me remove ASP. X
Thank you CEBotchet.

I wrap the hands in a towel, but heated mitts or a lamp is worth trying, so thanks for the tip.

Do you still use ASP Signature gel?
I use Bio Sculpture now and I love it x
Would I need to do a bio sculpture course? Is it easy to buy the gel?
You would have to do a bio course but ive tried ASP, Opi and gelish and once I found bio I'll never change. When I originally trained with ASP my trainer actually said to be 'ASP is the asda smart price of gel polishes' which isnt nice to hear when you've paid out for the training but now ive tried different brands I can see the difference in quality xx
Wow! That's not good to hear that from the trainer is it?

I've just looked on the bio sculpture website and left my details.

Are the prices for the gel a lot more?

Sorry to ask all of these questions.
No bother, I learnt the expensive way, ive done so much training and bought so many kits I wish someone would have told me right from the start. From what I remember of ASP prices Bio is about double the price but lasts longer and if you check your local bio salons they usually charge quite a bit xx
Thank you Dudeymel.

I will start my research! I'm not happy that I've phoned ASP twice now and they've not been overly helpful. Xx

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