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Apr 27, 2012
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Hello everyone,
I would like to be a mobile beauty therapist. I am keen to start training but I'm overwhelmed by all the courses advertised and I'm not quite sure where/how to begin :eek: Can you please let me know from your experience, should I start with individual courses to see what I enjoy or should I just do the NVQ2 in beauty therapy? I will need to study on evenings/ weekends so I need a flexible course. I would also welcome feedback on what areas you think I should start with to pay back the tuition fees - what's the most profitable for you? Ideally I'd like to start with a few key skills then build on them.

thank you for your help
Hi Cindy,

I did my NVQ level 2 one evening a week over 2 years, which at the time, suited me really well as I could carry on with my boring day job. I am now a mobile therapist and am doing my NVQ level 3 at my local adult education college 2 days a week for 35 weeks. You just have to pick whats right for you, lots of colleges are doing seperate courses now but I like the fact that I have a recognised qualification as it makes me feel a bit more proffesional and leaves more options open to me. Hope that helps, good luck in whatever you choose!

Ruth x
Cindy - I am in the same place as you. I have actually just left London a few months and realised in n.ireland my line of work isn't as easy to get here. Hence deciding to retrain in beauty therapy. Im quite excited that after my interview they have given me a firm acceptance onto the course I wanted to do *yeay*.

I decided upon doing the level 2 NVQ to give me a good basic grounding in the subject area. The college I am doing it with actually do not charge for the course! All their FE courses are free so DO shop around different colleges to try and get the best value for yourself. From the open evening I was very pleased to hear that you can start to offer and charge for treatments as you pass each module and do not need to wait until the first year of training is over. Fantastic as I can now plan to start doing some client building by Christmas!

Alongside the course I have decided I should perhaps go to some external courses such as the CND nails one (which actually looks better value in Manchester than in Dublin, so once I get started into my course I may look into flying over for a week and staying with a friend to do some bits if I can).

If you do want to do the NVQ - start applications as soon as you can before they book up as I imagine in London they go very quickly! and good luck!
Thanks for the advice ladies!
I also did my NVQ 2 & 3 part time (evenings) - it took 4 years in total. I am taking some extra courses now (5 years or so on) to refresh / learn new skills but I'm glad I did it.
What is the best way to start up as a beauty therapist NVQ or VTCT or City & Guilds? What do employers prefer and which is the most reputable? I'm considering doing a flexible course at the Beauty Academy (mainly weekends) and am not sure which one is the best option as they all sound like the same course for different fees! Is Anatomy & Physiology course by the Guild included in any of these or would I need to do this separatly as well ( I do have a background in health care so I wonder if this is necessary). Any feedback/suggestions will be appreciated before I sign up. I don't want to spend alot of money then find out the course was a bad choice.

thank you

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