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Nov 10, 2013
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I currently work at my mums cattery. They have a large wooden reception building that they have said I can use some of as a salon when I am fully qualified. The only problem is it is a little out of town and the town it is near is not brill. Its brill for the cattery as it is out of the way but im not sure if people will come to me?! Does anyone else live out of town? Do clients mind coming? X

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My salon isn't middle of nowhere but it has very little passing trade as in residential area.

I was mobile for a year then rented a room for 2 years then set up, it is quite hard to get new customers, majority is thru word of mouth so maybe start off mobile and get few clients under ur belt?

Good luck with whatever u decide! Xxxxx
I have a home salon in a quiet village, people dont mind coming once they know where it is but its hard to get people in in the first place!
It wouldn't put me off personally, but may put some people off having their nails done at a cattery. :/ x

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As the others have said get a few clients under your belt and give it a try. As it's in the family then there probably won't be a problem If you decide it does not work out and want to find somewhere else. I can visualise an amazing logo with a cats claw with the nails all painted in vivid colours!! ..

This is it. Has a car park area and is quite a bit infront of the actuall cattery units. X

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Has good parking but I do think u would struggle to get customers unless u have a bit of a client base already. Maybe ask some of ur customers if they would travel? Good luck with it love! Xxxxx
Thank you. I know I dont know if anyone would come I also live 30 mins away. I also have an oppurtunity of getting a job at 1 of 2 salons my husbands friend owns so that would be the best option I guess x

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I don't see why it wouldn't work I just think you will need to advertise a little more like on facebook or flyer dropping x
Sounds like heaven to me. Lovely nails and a few cats to coo over :)
I personally would love it - but that's probably because I'm not a huge fan of mainstream, high street salons (nothing against them as such, just personal preference) so a slightly unusual salon would be attractive to me (and I love cats!).
I have a home based salon and it works well. As others have said though, it's harder to get people in, but not impossible, you just need to be creative with your advertising and leverage from the clients you do get - word of mouth is very powerful!
Go for it I say, what have you got to lose - if it doesn't work, try one of the salons you mention. Xx

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