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Aug 7, 2010
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Hi I am just starting back as a mobile therapist and was wondering what ways people use to attract new clients?
As I have been out of the trade for a while I have been giving this a lot of thought.
I have thought about possibly organising fundraising pamper evenings for local schools/groups etc and possibly doing ladies evenings in a few choice local pubs.
MY problem is I'm not sure where to start. Has anyone else done these and how have they gone?
I also live in a very rural area which I suppose has its pro's and con's.
Any other rural therapist's out there? Are you mobile or home salon? This is another thing I am considering.
Sorry for all the questions, so many keep popping into my head!!!
Any reponses will be gratefully recieved.
Kizzy x
hi. ive just started full time bt mobile i was part time . so i needed to boost my clients. a friend of mine added my company info to twitter , she than looked up all womens groups in the are and added them in 1 day i have 31 followers and 2 new clients x:):):):) spoilt beauty twitter add me x see what happens
Hi Kizzy :)

I don't know if you have read this thread by Lynne Baker, it's really great for gathering ideas for promoting youself and your business

More ways to promote your business

Good luck!

Hi thanks for the reply', yes will definately look into twitteras well as facebook as i have read loads of positive things on this site about that. I have also read the link above and found it fantastic, very clever lady!
Just really wondering if anyone has organisied any pamper/indulgance evenings? I do pamper parties but this would obviously be for a larger number and i have a few friends who do tratments that i would get involved.
Any ideas or advice would be great.
Kizzy x
Any help or ideas would be grate as really want this to work?
Kizzy x

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