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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, just looked through the old threads, but not much info on Back Facials

Would anyone mind telling me what their routine is, to give me some ideas and how long you spend?

I do the same routine as in a face facial, except for eyebrow plucking ;)

Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, massage, mask and finishing moisturizer
In general I spend 45 min- 1 hour, but it depends on how many comedones....
Thanks Swedish Beauty

I was thinking about following a facial routine, But as its the back you would use more product, which costs us more, and I am wanting to keep the price down for the Clients.

Would anyone mind telling me what they charge for a back facial?

thanks again
have a look on Get Fresh website as they do a back facial treatment.

I would def exfoliate, mask and massage, but don't think I would do extractions and steam.
I charge the same as for a face facial. I don´t do the eyebrows (wich are included in a face facial at my salon) witch saves me 10 min, and no eyemask, no serums or boosters.
And I also use body products and they are cheaper than facial ones. Except for the mask...
And actually, my back facial clients come for the extraction, they want to be comedone-free!
I charge 55 euro for this, but it also depends on the number of minutes I spend on extractions.
These are really popular i use the purifying products from eve taylor my routine is as follows:
Superficial cleanse, deep cleanse, exfoluiation with scrub and brush using circular movements, removal with sponges( found some big thick body sponges these work a treat and cost £1 for 3!
then I steam upper and then lower back,(extractions if required)
i then apply a purifying oil to the warm skin and two bio masks mixed to meet skin requirement( i do have commercial masks but i love making up the bio masks too)
whilst the masks are setting i do a hand and lower arm massage and then remove the masks with hot flannels, tone, moisturise and done!:)

I have male and female clients for this treatment i charge £30 and it takes just under 40 mins
hth xxx
I use dermalogica sea mud for mind, you mix it with hot water to get a paste, I don't cleanse with a cleanser but use hydro active mineral salts to exfoliate, followed by the sea mud, mitt it off, and use one of the dermalogica body moisturisers to finish (depending on clients skin type).....funnily enough it's actually less expensive than a facial on the face, but takes just as long!

This is a great treatment to do, it really goes well with men!
I use the same range as facials, and i never seem to use that much more product. I charge £30 for 45minutes!

I do superficial cleanse, Cleanse, Exfoliate manual or chemical, extractions, Post extraction mask, Deep cleansing mask or nourishing mask,Spot serum only on affected area/areas and then massage with a Body lotion (one for oily or Dry skin)

I hate sponges i think there unhygienic i use heated mitts, There really reasonable and you can put them in the washing machine.
Just use a rice cooker lined in a wet towel and place your mitts in the centre and press cook, most have a 5 minute timer which is perfect time/temperature and they stay warm for about 1 hour. You can get a rice cooker from most electrical stores and you can get one for about £15

Sorry for the long post hope this helps :)

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