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May 12, 2006
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Hi, everyone I was woundering if anyone uses Backscratchers? I just starting in a salon that only uses this product and I have a couple of questions about the product. First does anyone but me seem to get hairline cracks through the nails a day or two after they put on the products on a natural nail overlay? I don't get them on every nail but they do happen on a couple of them everytime. What causes it? Is there not enough product on the nail and it cracks for that reason? As for my second question.. how do I build up a natural looking C curve on the nail. It always seems to look very flat on the top of the nail. Since this is a dip acrylic is it the natural nail that is the problem do some people have a better natural C curve that others?

Well those are a couple of my questions I don't want to overwhelm anyone with too many questions at one time. Thanks for any help that come my way!!!
I too use the backscratchers dip system - you can build up the c curve on the stress area by applying some resin over that c area and let it level slightly before spraying. then go through the procedure of resin, dip then resin and spray and you should find that you have more of a c curve than before.

I have known some people do also resin, dip, resin in that c area before doing the full dip over the whole nail to build up that extra strength.

I have too found this system to crack slightly as it i not a strong as the traditional L&P method.

Thanks for your reply. I have noticed this system does crack a bit too. That's why I besided to dip three times to build up strength. It does seem to work better. Thanks again for your help.
I soaked off a set of these today for that very reason. When I applied them about a week ago, I did a resin dip resin dip resin, so I know their was enough product on the natural nails. I feel that this product is not pliable enough on natural nails,thus as the natural nail bends you get cracks and such. I did not have this problem when applied on tips. Have you tried any of the one step soakable gels as a NNO? So far I am having good luck with those. I feel that it is because they are more pliable and bend with the natural nail and that is why I haven't had any cracks to speak of yet. Just a thought!
no I've never tried gels. I still trying to get backscratchers and L&P down. Gels will be next
i used to use this tip&dip system and imo not strong can add silk or f/glass over the stress area but for someone who wants to wear them as a long term thing i dont think they last.Its a great systm for weekend wear or for a night out but compared to gel or L&p they are no wherer near as strong.i found out the hard way i lost most of my clients because they where forever breaking it was only when i swithed to L&P that i relized why.

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