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i do :oops: . just wondering what do guys say to clients when u do a bad job. do u just let them go and say nothing and hope they dont look at their hands for 2 weeks. :shock:


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Mar 5, 2003
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Adelaide, South Australia
Just thought I'd share with you the fact that I just did the worst p/w fill of my devastated :hit:
my poor client, I felt sorry for her :(
does any1 else have days like that??

I am still really new so I have LOTS of days like that. If I've already spent a long time with them, I'll give them a free polish,(coat of, not the bottle :D ) or I'll say in my most professional voice. 'I'm honestly not 100% happy with the final finish, let me come back in a couple of days & I'll see what I can do.' Not the best solution, which would obviously be to never make mistakes, but I find if I'm honest, they'll be just fine & very happy that I am honest. I still charge for the treatment, just not the repair job I'll have to do!

When I 1st started with nails, I was the PITTS! My natural services were good, but my acrylic services were terrible!! To make up for it, I gave great massages, free bottle of polish (only cost me $1.00 back then - 1986) served coffee & danish or tea & cookies. Massged everyone aevry service for a good 10 - 15 minutes. Walked them to their cars, carried their stuff for them to the car too, even opened the door so they wouldn't mess up their nails!!! I knew I could only keep them coming via my pampering because my nails looked like 2 chicklets stacked on each other! :D Most of them stuck it out with me. It was a good 6 months before I was 1/2 way good. that ole' 100 set rule has some truth to it. Keep your chin up!!!!! Keep practicing, watch videos & find a mentor if you can.
Thanx for the vote of confidence...still cant believe i messed up like that.
You would expect them if I was learning but I've been doing this for over a year now, must have had other things on my mind.
As for the client, who knows if she will show up again :( I charged her only for the fill, no repairs and gave her a pinky bottle of polish....

Ciao 4 now
Bumbula, was your client dissatisfied with them or was it that they didn't come quite up to your expectations?

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