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Nov 7, 2014
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So, I usually forget to take pictures of my clients.

But when I do, I'm disappointed. They aren't very true to life.

I have strip lighting. And don't have an outside (I'm inside a shop). I always feel my colours are cooler and darker than in real life.

I don't wanna use a filter to counteract it as I feel that's still deceptive.

Could taking it on a camera rather the phone help?
I take mine on a camera, sometimes a phone but, like you, I struggle with lighting as I have little natural light. If it's any consolation, only about 1 in every 10 photos I take is worth the effort! I think if you have a white LED table lamp, that seems to give a less harsh glow than strips or magnifying lamp.
Why not use a filter if you are trying to just make the image appear as it is in real life, if your camera distorts the lighting and colours a filter can bring the colour back that has been lost when taking the picture.

Just don't go overboard and alter the image so it's unrealistic - aim to add a filter that makes the image look how it looks to your eyes in real life.

Failing that invest in a better phone. I just got a new phone but it was expensive- don't need filters now as the camera is amazing, used to use them on my old iPhone just to make image look like it should on a better camera so not deceptive at all
I usually move my desk lamp to right above the nails, often standing it on top of my uv lamp box. I find it casts light where you want it and you get a truer colour. X
I have this issue in hair salon . Pics always look shit. Colours never look as good as they do stood in front of client. I use galaxy s5 phone. We have the spotlights throughout salon and white walls. Filters never look right either.
I always take my clients pictures outside for the true color when I want to take a picture because my salon has white lights so it makes them to warmth of a color!
I have a table lamp which is white led lamps and it is the perfect light to capture the true colour and especially glitter.
If that fails though I do use filters to try and lighten it up when the flash was horrid and the image came out too dark - PicsArt is really simple to use and you can adjust the contrast / brightness etc really easily.
I've researched this and apparently a ring light helps you take your pic behind the ring thinking of investing in one

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