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May 2, 2012
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Help needed regarding balayage or normal highlights - Today, 10:10 PM
Really need some advise of the difference between these highlight types?
I have been looking into getting balayage which has been explained to me as a more natural sun kissed beach look highlight as appose to strip and harsh lines that normal highlights can produce. Having the most natural looking colour which is easy to maintain is what I am looking for, also something that would not do to much damage to my hair.
I have had highlights before and although I loved the colour to start hated it at the end. I want a really natural looking colour however when I called a local salon who apparently are trained in the process they were trying to put me off which is a concern, I'm not sure they are trained at all and wouldn't know how to find out, the lady who answered the phone passed me over to a guy who spent the whole time telling me to go for highlights, that the same look can be created however from reading up i am not so sure it can. He even went as far as saying the balayage style is messy and leaves massive colour blocks in the hair as you don't separate it out but fro, pictures I haven't seen anything like this..
I was wondering if someone could give me more of an idea as to what was better for me?
Also does anywhere in London (preferable south east) do this service and trained in it that I can feel confident that they do know what they are doing and I will get the best outcome.

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