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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Though I am on Holiday in sunny ol Spain, I spoke to Tom Bachik yesterday for quite some time regarding his split from Young Nails.

Though he is trying to be all professional about the situation, I felt someone needed to speak their mind openly about the situation... So here goes:

I find the whole saga rather pathetic. It is really sad to see such talent sucked dry by vampiric wannabe's whose visions of the almighty $$$ override common sense and values.

I suppose they feel that the momentum the company had developed the past year has less to do with him and more to do with the ego wielding wanna-be suit(s) that are now in the driving seat.
Shame for them and the rest of the industry. Like many people in the industry, my perception is exactly the opposite.

Young Nails gets a big ol honkin thumbs down in my book. I have been in the industry long enough to accurately predicting the future of companies that use people. Those that use people use people with no bounds. That means employees, vendors, and even customers.

Lets hope that YN may learn a lesson from this experience and develop a far better way of valuing people.
Well this is sad, as in the Company are real saddo's...........
I read the post put up on the Beauty Tech site.............

Well I for one wish Tom are great new venture, may it outshine this one.......
Don't they realize that he made it what it is.............
His skill, his expertise, his product knowledge, is this a thanks but now we have all we need from you situation ????

Thumbs down for YN for sure..............
But as they say:"What goes round comes round"

Gregory and Habib Salo
Young Nails Inc. or should this read now Young -nail- sink?????
Maybe they think they are un-sinkable lol thats what they thought on the Titanic too ..........

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
When Tom moved on From Creative we were all sad to see him go and we all love him to bits. .. then and now and they feel the same way at Creative. We have always been in regular contact with Tom.

Tom's departure from Creative wasn't about the Company or the product or people ... but about Tom wanting to help and inspire another newer company and to be part of something more of his own. Promises promises!!

So they bled him dry and said thank you very much and ta ta. Very shabby behavior ... very arrogant ... very greedy ... and one day they will get it back ... because what they have is not new or innovative ... just another slightly better than average line until another slightly better than average line comes along out of the same factory that make the liquid and powder for YN and a whole heap of others.

What they had that was unique ... was Tom.

There are plenty of 'graspers' out there like these Young Nail characters ... it will be interesting to see if they are still around in 25 years like the three main nail companies in the world who have always had a reputation for integrity and have served the industry instead of only themselves? Integrity ... A word you don't hear much about in business these days. But they have it and have always had it and it shows. Because they are still here and they are still the largest and they are still always trying to better the industry we love as well as giving and raising a great deal of money which goes to helping others - like millions of $ for the HOPE campaign etc.

There's the takers and the givers and the takers never win in the end.

Can someone give me the website with this announcement.

I agree, it does sound very short sited.
Tom zapped off this email to everyone in his address book:
Due to ... well, what ever ... I am no longer with Young Nails Inc. and
this e- address will no longer be valid ([email protected])
If you need to contact me via E- please use this address:

[email protected]

Thomas Bachik jr.

Then YN zapped this message off to everyone in his addressbook:

Dear Nail Technicians,

Young Nails has the privilege of working with Tom Bachik for the past 10
months. Tom's experience in this industry has given Young Nails a
different perspective on the industry as a whole. We would like to thank
Tom Bachik for his outstanding contribution to our company. Mr. Bachik's
consulting has helped Young Nails progress greatly in the last 10
months. Unfortunately, Tom's contract has ended, and he will moving on
to other future projects.


Gregory and Habib Salo
Young Nails Inc.

After receiving the email, I called Tom and spoke for quite some time with him regarding his recent divorce... In a nutshell... this departure was a suprise to him as you can tell by the email... the second email was pure spin.
I am truly bothered by Tom leaving Young Nails. I was drawn to YN by Tom's truth and honesty as a person. He is never arrogant or condesending to me as a (less talented than him) nail tech! All I can say is I have gained a lot of knowledge from him.....Bummer......

I think he had his hand in making the product (from what I understand) and I love the product, but now I am torn between using a product that I love, and supporting a company that I am not so sure about anymore.........!! Second Bummer........

Leigh Ann
Your Nail Pro
First let me say that I have never met Tom but do follow the news in the trade mags. I had never heard of Young Nails until I read it in NAILS magazine and this intrigued me. Out of curiosity and with respect to Tom's reputation in this industry, I began to purchase and try the YN's product with much satisfaction. It now pains me to be in such a quandry about continuing to use the products of a manufacturer who seems to have such little regard for their staff and Star Nail Tech's who help to put them where they are or could be in the future. This company's lack of loyalty and integrity as shown by their actions will be their own demise! I hope that Tom's see's all of the emails posted on his behalf all over and wherever and realizes that he HAS made a difference and impact on the constituents of this industry and their business lives in a positive way. His actions have created good Kharma and YN's negative. Negative kharma ALWAYS comes back 3 TIMES OVER!! Best of luck to Tom and any of his future ventures! This male nail tech gives Tom 2 thumbs up!! :D
The following email is brought to you by Drew “I am not a nail tech” Amavisca of Young Nails Inc.

boo ha ha ha ha!!!!!

ve vant to suck your bluuuuud!

Vampires eh?.... if you could only see the horribly, vile monsters that work here and own young nails.
The “suits”!!! too funny!!!

…and since you are all so obviously concerned with both sides of the story… let me be the first to tell you that what happened between tom and young nails…. IS BETWEEN TOM AND YOUNG NAILS!
If you have half a brain in your head… you would have come to the realization that sometimes people actually prefer not to air their dirty laundry in these pathetic little microcosms of social activity.

Sooooo… if you’re on the fence about using young nails products because your interpretation of what happened between tom and young nails is well, just that…”your interpretation”… then have fun simmering in your lack of reality and take your business elsewhere because we’re not ever going to tell you what happened between tom and young nails.
It’s just plain ol’ “none of your business”.

For those of you that have the ability to think for yourselves and can realize that maybe, just maybe there is a flip side to this “coin of gossip”… and that even in knowing so, you still may never really know what happened between tom and young nails because it’s “none of my business”… then we welcome you with very open arms.

I wish you all independent thinking and continued success in the nail industry… but most of all…. I wish you love!!!

Comments? grow a pair and email me personally.
[email protected]
young geek said:
...and since you are all so obviously concerned with both sides of the story… let me be the first to tell you that what happened between tom and young nails…. IS BETWEEN TOM AND YOUNG NAILS!
If you have half a brain in your head… you would have come to the realization that sometimes people actually prefer not to air their dirty laundry in these pathetic little microcosms of social activity.

By all means drew... give your side of the story... but try to do it in an open forum (read: pathetic little microcosm of social activity) if you don't want people to feel you've got something to hide.

Comments? grow a pair and email me personally.

What... fangs? ;)
sorry... couldnt resist.

my "side of the story" would be just that... "my side of the story".

if people feel that i'm hiding something.. then i strongly encourage them to keep on "feeling" that way because that's exactly what i am doing... i'm "hiding" the personal business of my friends, including tom and his family, and the people i work with.

Count Drew-cula

no, not fangs... proverbial testicles.
Fair enough then...

You cant get pissed about people being upset when they feel such an invaluable member of the industry (and a good friend) gets dumped on. If no stories are to be told, then it gets down to people thrashing out their opinions. I posted my opinion about a pretty mank situation, others have their views.

No one wants dirt laundry aired... but then again... most are not ashamed of it as long as they feel they have nothing to hide.

Im sure there are reasons for unease for both parties. All I have done is called it as I have seen it. Sorry if it offends
thanks sam.

i'm not pissed... just dont want this to hurt more than it already has.

no worries ... and as the immortal snoop dog says:
"fo shizzle my nizzle... everyone of us!!!"

best to you.

young geek said:
If you have half a brain in your head…

have fun simmering in your lack of reality and take your business elsewhere

Well well well .... some of us must've hit a raw nerve there!!

These are your customers you are talking to Mr Drew ..... If I employed you and I read your post ... you would be employed no longer by my company.

So your customers are brainless (or only have 1/2 of one) Let's see ... oh yes, pathetic .... live in a world of unreality ... any more you can throw at us? We just pay for the food that sits on your table that all. We and our pathetic little businesses.

We may not know the whole story ... and it may be none of our business, but our business and how you as a companyare perceived is your business. And you have just blown it big time. If you are supposed to be a spokesman for YN ... they chose the wrong guy.
First, If you want people to think of you and your organization as serious professionals then you must realize one should act professional in all areas of communication...public and otherwise! Second, I agree with you on the point of matters being between Tom and YNI. I personally don't care to know the details, BUT you must realize the same people you are ostracizing for their interest or comments are the same one's purchasing or was at least interested in purchasing the product; which the bottom line is..if you don't sell product you have NO business. So far, I have been very pleased with the products and hope to continue to use them. This industry, as well as others, has its share of gossip mongers. That's just a reality, but when a representative of a company that is just starting out and when PR is so vital to its success, gets sucked into the foray that is NOT a wise move. At this point, the concept of "Damage Control" would seem plausible. Finally, there are many of us out here in the industry who have been around for a number of years and DO think for ourselves (I, myself, have a college degree and am working towards another). Why find it necessary to respond to publicly posted opinions? That's all they really are...personal opinions. My opinion is that it takes "a LARGER pair" to address a situation in public vs in private. I choose to take the High road here.[/size]
wow...strong opinions... shall I give mine now? we go...

Though I love my "pathetic little microcosm of social activity"... hmmm...
I am always aware that message boards are a place where someones opinion can often be presented as fact.

When your opinion is especially respected for one reason or the other.. this gives you an even greater responsibility...

Excessive comments one way or the other hurt everyone. It makes everyone look bad.

I respect Tom Bachik and Young Nails for keeping their business private. This is professional behavior.
Drew wrote
If you have half a brain in your head…

have fun simmering in your lack of reality and take your business elsewhere

I think this is called sarcasm? Certainly we were not supposed to take that any more serious than what Sam wrote?

It is really sad to see such talent sucked dry by vampiric wannabe's whose visions of the almighty $$$ override common sense and values.

Come on guys...lighten up.. can't take things too seriously online..or you won't be online long. Remember there is no tone of voice to the typed words...and you know what they say about.."assume"
Dear Nail Technicians,

It has become evident that one of our employee's has expressed an opinion on this message board that we have just become aware of. I have to give this message board credit..... I have never received so many emails and phone calls complaining about a post that one of our employees wrote! Wow!

Young Nails number one priority is our customers. We value our customers very much, and go out of our way each and every day to make sure they are serviced properly. Everyone here puts their time in, day in and day out. We work endless amounts of hours so that you, the nail technician, can be satisfied, because that is the bottom line for us here. It is also true that we have the greatest employees. As you might have noticied, some of our employee's are very passionate about YNI. Sometimes, emotions take control, and some things we do not mean to say come out, and this was the case today. I would like to take full responsibility for the post, and let everyone know that it IS NOT the opinion of our company. We value each customer, and will continue to do so for the life of the company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime, by phone or email.


Habib Salo
Young Nails Inc.
[email protected]
Due to the mass heated debate, emails, and PM's (cheers all) that I doubt Ill get around to answering for awhile (read: Im on Holiday!)...I think its best to leave Habib with the last word on this subject (well... aside from this one) and consider this thread locked.

If anyone wishes to continue the discussion in constructive manner... head on over to the Chatter section and start your own thread.

ps... Doesnt mean Im still not pissed about the situation... I just think this thread has come to a natural conclusion.

Toodles all... Im out to catch some sun.
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