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Sep 8, 2008
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Hi guys

Just wanted your opinion on this situation thats been playing on my mind over the weekend....
I answered an ad about a Hotel wanting a self employed Beauty Therapist to rent a Beauty room within their new Leisure complex.
I went to have a look and it is very nice, lovely pool, relaxation area, all up to date features.
The Beauty room is nice, good wide electric couch, nail station, sink.
Just needed afew extra things sorting (paintwork was scraped on a part of the wall, coat hooks putting up, storage cupboard for products) which they said they would sort out for me.
They only want £30 a week rent which they would raise to £50 if I get a steady income. Also 10% on Hotel guest bookings, which they say cover admin costs.
They seemed keen to raise my prices by 20%, saying that because I was so reasonably priced, they were sure that the guests they had staying at their Hotel (quite rich) would be happy to pay more.
We agreed on that and they seemed keen to get my treatments/prices on their website. Only we hadnt set a start date, so I wasn't rushing to set the room up as I wanted the maintenance issues to get done first.
But due to several enquires and bookings for Saturday, I started earlier. I quickly moved some stuff in late last week and found that the wall was still scratched and they had to draft some large heaters in to get the room warm, which proved awkward as its not a large room. But I managed it.
As I was leaving I bumped into the owner who asked how it went and said we'd have to meet this week to go through some stuff like insurance confirmation etc.
He then mentioned something about the 20% and I said "I thought we agreed on 10%?"
I think he was meaning the new Hotel's increased prices for treatments, but he then went on to say that he'll deduct the 10% off my original (cheaper) prices.
I couldnt really stop and talk as I had to leave quickly, but I have a horrible feeling that he wants to keep that 20% raise ( about £8 per trt) in treatments as his profit + the 10% he'll then take off my original treatment price + the £30 weekly rent?
If he does mean that then I am actually quite angry as this was not mentioned in our discussions and it also means he's taking 30% of my hard work + the weekly rent which I'm not happy about.
Its abit greedy isnt it ?

Hope you've understood all that !
Michelle x
I work freelance but work mainly at a photography studio. They wanted 30% of what I made too if they booked wedding make ups for me. I have to travel to clients home for a trial and on the day. In effect they aren't really doing anything. I just added 30% on to my prices so that I am not losing anything. Plus they are upmarket and I can afford to put my prices up. Sounds like they are making up the rules as they go along!x
Yes Laura I agree!
I have even given them an online appontment diary which books an appointment in next to no time!
I'm providing my own card machine, which I will take payments MYSELF, so where these admin costs are coming from I dont know.
But its this 20% treatment increase thats been bugging me. I'm so annoyed!!
Do you think he may be saying that they will take 10% off of your original price before the 20% increase which would mean you are better off??

I'm not good at practising what I preach but sit down and talk to him, get it all sorted so that you're happy before you carry on. I'm sub, sub letting and there's a few things I'm not happy with which if I had sorted in the beginning wouldn't be a problem now :(

Good luck, hope it all goes well. x
I've spoken to him this morning and he's explained that he's not doing the 10% charge anymore. He'll just take off the 20% increase as his.
But the good thing is that the bookings are coming in which is good at this time of the year.
Seems like it's fairly reasonable. Its great that you're getting the bookings in.

Can I just be nosey and ask where they advertised?
Hi Michelle

I typed a reply and then my internet went down argghh.

I would highly recommend emailing him outlining his proposal and confirming you are in agreement. Start as you mean to go on with clear guidelines.

You could be cheeky and ask to negotiate, his opening offer was 10% now its gone up to 20%. How about negotiating at 15% for the first year so you can get your business off the ground with a rent review in a years time.

If his not greedy he should hopefully agree. Try to sit down and have a proper discussion rather than chatting on the run, you could get caught out!

Good luck with your new venture
Thanks for your reply Debbie.
I feel much more comfortable now its been explained properly to me today. What they're doing now is just taking the price increase as their share so I'm only paying £30 a week rent which I'm happy with!!
The bookings have been quicker that what we thought which I cant complain about but its just been a case of looking at things as we go along.

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