Beauty treatments from a chaise longue or day bed?


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May 9, 2012
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Slightly odd question I know but does anyone manage treatments from either of these? Eg facials, eye treatments? I currently use my spare room as my little salon but my eldest daughter is craving a bit of space away from her annoying younger siblings! So am trying to think of a way we could share the room so she has a little haven when I'm not working but I can still have a salon type room and this idea popped into my head. The room is very small so unfortunately I don't have room for a day bed and beauty couch.
Ps I've seen a day bed without arms but not sure how low it would be for me to sit at end comfortably x
I would think they are too low for you do do treatments comfortably. The client may be comfortable BUT you can't be bending or twisting for too long as it will impact on your health and ability to offer treatments.
Thanks, they r too low was looking at the dimensions earlier [emoji53] x
Are they very long? I guess a day bed is, but all the chaise lounges ive seen are quite short lengthwise. Im nearly 6 ft & would feel a bit squished on a chaise lounge xx
Yep bad idea I think, back to the drawing board....... Thank you x
What treatments do you offer that you need a bed for?
If it's just lashes and brows could always use a reclining barbers chairs.
Or get a fold up beauty bed then can pop it down when you're not working
I do need the couch for waxing and facials I just don't think I would be able to get it in there alongside a day bed which I was thinking could double up as somewhere for my daughter and somewhere comfy to sit for pedis. Oh the joys of juggling it all! Lol my next bright idea is a single futon maybe........ [emoji4]
If she doesn't need to sleep in there, have you got room for a 'posher looking' bean bag or futon style chair?
That's what I'm now thinking AcidPerm....... It could work [emoji3] x
I would only use a beauty couch (either portable or static) for treatments to maintain a professional.look and feel as well as ensure you don't damage your back etc. The post about one of those big bean bags is quite good as this would fit under the beauty bed when not in use,just cover the beauty ned with a drape and voila x

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