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Suzanne R

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Mar 8, 2003
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Can someone explain the procedure of becoming a nail tech in the UK. Thanks.


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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Oh Suezan - Not as stringent as it is in the USA I'm afraid.

For years the only available education in nails came from the nail companies themselves - those that offerd any that is - Now the training was good if the company was education orientated, but sadly many companies sold to anyone and everyone with no training whatsoever. As you can imagine, this produced a lot of very badly prepared nail technicians. But in the end, the talented and intelligent ones got it together and took more education classes and nails prospered.

10 years down the line from when I started in the business, colleges were getting interested - they could see nails were popular and they jumped on the bandwagon but sadly, very few if any Beauty Therapy tutors new anything about nails and what's more many believed that artificial nails 'ruined' natural nails ( and passed this belief on to the students - this is still happenning) so the colleges hired anyone they could get hold of who had a salon - no teacher training mind you - to teach how to perform nail services. This resulted in more ill prepared 'nail technicians'.

NOW colleges are trying to teach to a 'standard' and know a lot more about nails and have much better qualified tutors - NOW most companies offer training courses with their products but this is normally NOT mandatory and they still sell to anyone who wishes to buy. There are notable exceptions to this thank god.

We are now 15 years (mas o menos) further on and we produce some of the finest nail technicians in the world (look who took most of the awards at the nail olympics last year) BUT there is still no 'standard' in place and no licencing. So you still hear the horror stories about bad technicians and now NSS are mushrooming all around the place. FORTUNATELY ... The public is not so stupid and they sort out the good from the bad.

I hope that some form of licencing is enforced country wide in the future as it is in the USA but it will take many years (as it did in the USA) before this happens. Happily now there are many trainers and tutors who are dedicated to producing fine well educated and competent individuals and nail services are prospering and the poor ones don't stay in business too long.
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