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Jun 14, 2003
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Completed my Creative Foundation Course but still haven't got the hang of the overlay and getting the right bead size! :(
Has anyone got any tips on how they went about getting it just right or know a good training course?
Hi there,

Check out the tutorials on this site, they are some of the best you will find :D
When you cut off your tips to the correct length don't through away the bit that's left as you can practice size, correct ratio and placement of the bead. The name of the game is to practice, practice, practice.

I'm afraid the Foundation course is exactly what it says it is - learning the basics. From here you will be advised to carry on and do your master classes, which will just continue your education.

Remember you are relatively new to this business and it doesn't happen overnight to any of us. We have all been where you are now, and if you look back over the old postings, you will also find that alot of us have done various training, spent endless amounts of money to eventually end up at Designer Nails door (phew!). At this moment in time, I don't think you will get better education than the route you are going, stick with it and you will achieve.

Good luck and keep posting
hi beginner just wanted to sympathise with you as i am in the same boat although it is'nt my beads that i have probs with it is my tip blending it never quite looks right but i am sure we will get there one day, good luck
Well girls,
As Peppercorn and Scratchy said, practice, practice and then when you think you have cracked it.................practice some more.
It's frustrating but it the road to enlightenment, the geeks tutorials are great and you can always get your tips and hints and other usefull stuff from there.

As Dell boy says, this time next year , you'll be well not a millionare but a better(great) technician lol, (well unless you inherit or win the lottery)

Lots of love Ruth xxxx
thanks for the encouragement i am practising as we speak !!
Thanks for the advice everyone!

The tutorials really are great and I feel alot more positive now. I know I will master it!
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