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Jun 21, 2010
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south yorkshire
I've been sent a small leaflet by my local adult education centre about a day long nail art course for beginners. The cost of this course is £45, according to the leaflet this includes all materials we will need for the day.

Firstly, I'd like to know whether you think it would be worth spending the £45 or is likely to be a waste of time?

And secondly, I'd like your thoughts about what you think we might be doing as beginners?

Oh, and what basic materials do you think they mean they will provide?

Thanks for any thoughts, advice or input :)
It's prob things like dotting tool , striping , attaching gems ,
if it's something your interested in, you can afford it and it's local then go for it?

It might open new doors , make new contacts and be fun , and it's a string to add to the bow lol :)
I did my local one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was waiting to do my nail training and this was a really lovely introduction to the industry for me. If you haven't done any nail art training and can spare the time and money, I'd go for it. I guess it's all down the the trainer but mine was lovely.
I haven't really done any nail art before, unless you count the odd gold or silvery sparkly stripe on my nails at xmas & a few gems at bonfire night. I'll book it, it's something else I can be working on as well as blending and acrylic application while I save to do some training with CND.

Thanks for your input :)
go for it it will be fun and as said above could open a few doors for you x

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