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Aug 22, 2013
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hull, UK
Hi everyone, i'm converting back to L&P been using hard gel for a while now and have decided to reintroduce L&Pfor my clients as another option. People are not very familiar with gel where i'm from and i'm struggling to get people on board!!

So yeah, I was wondering..what is the BEST brush I can buy? I remember when I started I had a wooden one and the wood went sort of soft?! I've been told I was maybe storing it wrong it should be stood upright with bristles down?! But how can I do that if i'm mobile??

Sorry if I sound a bit dumb just don't want to end up investing in a brush and it end up being wrong.

thanks in advance! :) xx
I use a CND #8 brush and I love it. You can buy a CND brush case and you can store your brushes flat so it's perfect for mobile and protects them too :)
I bought a few cheap brushes and wasted my money. I now have the CND one and love it. Also had a very good crystal nails brush but ruined it with acetone before I realised what a big mistake that is.
My favourite brushes are the Ezflow 508, the Entity brush and the Cnd one - in that order.
I just got a Cuccio No.9 and I like it better than my Harmony one lol

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I have tried many brushes over the years but the EzFlow master artist 508 is the one I work best with. It is a great brush.
I have one from young nails. Its good and keeps it shape lovely

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CND Pro #8....I am in love with this brush and always have been! Lol x

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I have 4 brushes that I love, I can honestly say I wouldn't hesitate to use any of them but from my favourite to least favourite of these 4:

CND #10 (Ultra Sculptor)
CND #8 (Pro Styler)
NSI Royal Precision #8
Crystal Nails #8 Builder Brush

I have a CND #8 and it's the best brush I've ever had x
I use crystal nails #8
I've only just seen all of your replies!! Thanks everyone, I bought another cheap one while I was waiting but I'm definitely going to look at the CND #8 or crystal nails! I forgot how rubbish the cheap brushes really are! Looking forward to a nice professional brush :)

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