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Jan 9, 2003
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Out of all of the classes, courses, and seminars that you may have experienced in the past...

What was the one that you got the best experience out of?
What was the one you got the worst experience out of?

Why was it the best/worst?
What could of made it better?

ps. No need for names for the negetive experiences. We dont want pissy people running amok.
Well i must say that the best seminar i have seen was the super sonic scult, i have never tried it before and when i got home on sunday night i thought i would have a little go. Well the first attempt came out rubbish :(. Then i decided to have a go with a bit of glitter mixed in and boy was i suprised, it came out rather well, thanks for the tips sam they helped heaps. I have even done glitter tips on my own nails and they look really cool i would post a pic but i dont know how :D
So there you go thats the best and now i am even going to do a creative course.

keep up the good work mr :fro: geek
love faye xxx
My first introduction to nails was with Essential Nails Gel Home Study course. Never having done anything with nails before I didn't know what to expect. I'm pleased to say I was very impressed. The standard of instruction was very clear and easy to follow and I like the fact that I now have a nail trainer to use at my own pace for other systems. :D

My second experience with a nail course was a local education course. At a hundred pound for four days I thought it too good a chance to miss. I paid my money, booked my four days off work and trecked all the way across London to get to the course. Unfortunately, with over twenty of us all huddled around the instructor it was difficult to see the demonstration, we then had to practice on each other. By the end of the first day my fingertips were either red raw or covered in horrible lumpy acrylic - and there was still three more days to go!!! My fingers still haven't recovered and that was in February! :( To top it all I paid sixty quid for a kit full of inferior quality products that I'll never use again! :rolleyes:

My next course is booked for the 26th April at the London College of Fashion running for nine Saturday mornings. It's cost me an arm and a leg, but I've got high hopes for it has small class sizes and I'll be taking my own kit with me. ;)

Phew - bit of a long reply, but you did ask! :)


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