Best make up bronzers and pretty fresh lipsticks?


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Im looking at getting some new make up to add to my ever growing make up collection! I need a new bronzer and some new lipsticks. At the moment I just use a rimmel bronzer but it really isnt that great as it does not come out in photos. Which bronzer do you personally recommend?

I am also looking for a fresh pretty lipstick, pale pink or peach nude kind of everyday look! I cant find what im looking for anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :biggrin:
Thank you lovely people!


The bronzer I always end up going back to is Bobbi Brown.. They do a matt and illuminating. I personally prefer matt bronzers as you can't contour and shape the face with illuminating/shimmer bronzers they make you look 'dirty' on photos.
If I do want to add a little shimmer on top of matt bronzer I like Nars 'Laguna' or Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in 'bronze'
For a cream based bronzer Tom Ford 'Shade and Illuminate' is gorgeous.

For pink lips I like.. Bobbi Brown 'pink Bikini' (light baby pink) 'Sandwash pink' (little deeper and cool based, Kate Middleton wore this lipstick when she got married)

MAC.. 'snob' (really bright pink/purple toned lipstick)

For a nice coral/peachy lipstick I like MAC 'Kinda Sexy'

Hope that helps! X