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Nov 27, 2010
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hello fellow geeks. i ue mineral make up on my clients which i love but the product range i use has primer but it contains alcohol which i dont approve of. can you guys tell me what your favourite primer is/are. and then i will look into the ingredients to see if i likey.
for anyone thats interested i dont use the following ingredients
mineral oil/parraffin/parrafinium liquidium
artificial colour
alcohol/ s.d alcohol/ alcohol denat
isopropyl myristate.

thanks in advance
I use one from The Body Shop, goes on lovely but not sure on the ingredients.
i have just looked it up the matte one is fine the moist it one has alcohol in it but i will try the matte one. thanks
I am not a pro in this field so it's just my personal opinion, I have used prime time by bare minerals not bad although didn t do anything for pores, and now using Elf which has brought me out in a few spots so would not recommend ! I posted a similar thread a while back and smash box came out as one of the best ! I ve yet to try it x
Hi, I use smashbox photofinish primer and it's fab! They have a range now - light for oil free, hydrating etc. Hth let us know how you get on.
I'm not a pro in make up but lately I've been using Clear Make Up by Philosophy. I really like it a lot. Best one I've tried so far. No idea about the ingredients though. Xx
Screenface's own brand primer and ultra matte by face alieter

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