Best nail polish?


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J Revill-Price

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Aug 10, 2010
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What do you guys consider as the best brand of nail polish - want to stock up to run mobile business!:)
There are lots of good brands of profesional polish but the one I think is both the best and the most practical is CND Colour & Effects.

Just 50 colours and 15 effects and you have over 600 colours and combos to offer your clients. Very mobile and more importantly very cost effective for you.

Your stockist is in Scotland at 0131 3333180 The Fingettips Centre or [email protected]
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I have just started buying cnd colours and effects and absolutely love them. They last and the colours that you can create are amazing. The brush is great and you only need a really thin coat IMO the thinner the better.
If you asked ten different people what their favourite polish was, you'd probably get ten different answers. Why not buy one bottle of each brand you are considering (in a similar colour for comparison's sake) and see which you prefer? After all, differing opinions mean there is room in the market for lots of brands. Popular premium names include Essie, OPI, CND, Orly, and Jessica (apologies if I've missed some).

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