Best way to sell my pro makeup kit

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Lady Murasaki

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Good afternoon

I have closed my business recently after 18 years working as a pro MUA.

The problem is what to do with my kit and equipment, as I don’t want to throw them away or sell the for next to nothing, however I am struggling to sell my MAC, Bobbi Brown, Ben Nye and Lily Lolo as a complete bundle.

Makeup chair and lighted makeup case.

I am thinking of separating it in to brand bundles I.e. Mac eyes one bundle, foundations as another etc instead.

Can any recommend the best way to sell it or where I should be listing it as Shpock etc is just attracting time wasters

Many thanks
Lady M


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I don't know about selling your gear but sorry to hear you've closed the business, you've been a staple of the Geek site for many years, we'll miss you if you go. Hope you are OK


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If you’re a member of The Guild, you could place a free ad in their classifieds section?

Unfortunately though, selling and buying (including enquiries) is not allowed on the site, and so I’ll be closing thismthread here.

Good luck for the future though in whatever you decide to do next :)
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