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Sep 8, 2003
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Funny how things settle into your brain until your whole perception has changed - I've decided to get CREATIVE!!!!! I have been looking through all the posts and having been to Excel [which seems an age away now], I have heard so much about Creative - everyone has so much respect for not only the products but also the company itself and of-course, the God's and Goddesses who we bow down to, many of which are from Designer Nails. I phoned Creative Nail Academy today and they are sending me their brochure and I'm definitely going for it. Not only that, but thanks to this board, someone local has been in touch with me who also wants to follow the same route as me so I should hopefully have some company......!!!
Things are looking so different to how they were 48 hours ago and I am so glad!!!!!!!!! :D

hiya carol :D
welcome to the world of creative :fire:
we're a very friendly lot , as is everyone on this board.
hope you get training soon & get loads of excitement from it :D
lol liza xx
creative ambassador
Well love, like Liza said, Creative people are friendly people..........
only to willing to help and advise even if it's not creative product linked...........

Everybody does have respect for the Creative Team and their products, but respect is earned and boy they work hard at earning it..........
Nice one for creative...........

So hope you have a fab time learning and then being up there with one or more of the best........they are all so brill at this nails stuff and inspire me to get better all the time.................Insperation breeds technician wanting to give their all to our fab profession..........

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
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