Bio Sculpture and my poor nail beds :(


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Apr 19, 2012
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Hi all,

I've come on here as a newbie....
2 years ago i went on a gel course I didn't like the products, they weren't as good as Bio Sculpture which I'd been paying for (overlays) so my sister in law said use Bio Sculpture. I bought a 36w daylight lamp and a 9w daylight lamp.
I use bio sculpture clear and add sculpting gel to the free edge under the white. I stopped the white to save time and used it here and there.
I infill every two weeks x2/3 then sock off and re do.
I know my little nails are thin hence use gel, and i'm careful with my sanding block. My sis in law trained in Bio Sculpture and my nails pass her high standards ;-) I changed my pill end of Dec. I fell ill in Jan, got worse in Feb and it came back in March where i needed antibiotics.
In mid Jan 3 hours after a usual new application my cuticules got sore, red and puffy. This continued for a week where the skin got very dry and cracked. Solar oil to the rescue. I thought it was the lamp, but i had NO heat spike and never have (except during the course...!) I had no symptoms during the treatment. I was very shocked so changed down to my 9w bulb and infilled 2 weeks later. Same happened but this time the nail beds ended up looking rather red too. Sis in law was shocked, and said either remove or leave as long as you can then remove. I left them a further 2 weeks then was cleaning her gel pots and in the evening my 2 fingers that had had the sanitiser were SOOOOO sore, red puffy and the skin got so dry it cracked and bled.
Now, I'm left with a scab at the Hypernicium on all nails and it looks like the nails have lifted off the nail bed at varying distances on different fingers. There is new growth at the cuticle.
What on earth happened?? Im guessing ive suddenly become sensitive to sanitsier and UV lamps? I thought it was where i was poorly....Or changed my pill...
Do you guys think where the new nail is growing it will eventually grow out (6 month wait) and adhere to the nail bed or do you think its permanent?
Ive just been applying nail polish and adding glitter to hide my nails, the old gel is still on! :Scared:
Oh no ...

It is possible that you have a permanent reaction to either Sanitizer or possibly the Gel Remover. Im sure that Bio needs a minimum of an 18 watt lamp to cure the gel thoroughly, so if this is the case & you are using a 9 watt lamp then the Bio gel itself could be ever so slightly live & active upon your nail so also causing a problem through not being thoroughly cured....

Clearly you cant use any gel remover to remove the gel thats already on so you may have to tease it off gently.

If a trained technician had of been doing your nails instead of yourself, then they could have recognised the need for a barrier cream, so as to prevent your skin reacting and becoming hyper sensitive in the early stages. Now though since you have become totally sensitive to this System (rather than IMO the UV lamp & most likely other gels systems too) you will have no alternative, but to avoid Bio & similar products indefinately.... :(

If you have new growth then fingers X your nails will hopefully regrow, but it is important for you to remember that regardless of whether your sister in law thought what you was doing was ok, the fact is you werent trained in nail care let alone Bio Sculpture & in the wrong hands this is something that can happen & could have been avoided ...

Really hope your nails heal & can only emphasise that products ONLY be used by Trained Technicians & this is one of the reasons why....
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i agree with he above.. and also where did you source your bio from.. ??

Sarah x

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