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May 17, 2004
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Hi there

Would be interested in those of you who have tried the above system. Are the Bio gels as easy to get of as acrylics - they say they are and don't need filing off. They also say there is no smell. What are the good and bad points?

I use this gel and it is great for overlays - easy to soak off, approx 20 mins, but I find it is not that strong if doing sculptured nails

I also use BioSculpture, and am very happy, as said before - not quite as strong as l&p, butI have found it's more flexible and some clients prefer this.. Although I use l&p as well, i prefer working with biosculpture gel and all my clients are happy. :biggrin:

I also find my rep (Ilona) really helpful, as she's always on the end of the phone if you have any little niggles or probs - which is dead handy.
I've not used any other gels (other than a 'playday' with star nails gel - which I found much harder to work with and required and lot of buffing etc - the end result was not far off l&p. i thin this is the difference between 'european' and 'american' gels - or at least that's what the star nails trainer said.:confused:
Biosculpture needs no buffing, as it is very self-levelling - and cures to a high gloss finish, just a wipe and top coat for protection.

Hope this helps - I'm pretty new to it all so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but if I can get on with it anyone can! It is pretty expensive - but to be honest, all the 'better' products are - at least you can charge a premium knowing the product won't let you down!:cool:

Laura x
i must say i have had bio sculpture nails on quite a few time and i think its great, like said above it's not as hard wearing as l&p but is still great non the less. i must give thanks to the peson that does them too she hasnt been doing them that long but seem like shes done them for ages. so WELL DONE!!!! lol

i too am starting out in business and am probably ging to train with bio sculpture too.


Star x
Hi there

thanks for your replies, when you say they are not as hard wearing what exactly do you mean?

i probably shoulnt say hard wearing, if nails ar put on correctly they all wear well lol!!!

what i mean is bio sculpture tend to be more flexable at the end ie if you 'pinch' the tip bit of the nail at wither side it will move slightly whereas l&p is hard.

hope i explained that ok. if i havent im sure someon probably will do a better job than me.:)

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