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Jun 13, 2004
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Really keen on introducing bio sculpture gel nails into my salon... do i or dont i? Have been doing l&p for 4 years now no problems, but feel like i need to learn a new technique. Is this a good idea? Using all creative products (of course!!) at the mo and will continue to do so - but have seen some bio sculptured nails and was really impressed with the lack of buffing you need to do on rebalancing and the fact that a set can also be soaked off within 15 minutes. Fab colours available etc. Should i offer clients this extra service as we often get clients requesting gel or requesting rebalances on gel????
Any advice appreciated!

I have been offering bio sculptue for the last year and have found it to be a brilliant system, with no damage to the natural nails. I do not buff the natural nail whatsoever and removal is easy.
Go for it!
Probably a silly question - but why don't you do Brisa gels, as you're using Creative products anyway??
Thank you for the advice its good to hear positive thoughts!!
Cheers i might just do that!
Hi Sara its just I haven't actually heard anything good about Brisa and everyone seems to be selling their kits!!
Sara Satchell said:
Probably a silly question - but why don't you do Brisa gels, as you're using Creative products anyway??
I too work with BioSculpture although am fairly new at it, but I wore it as a client for 5 years before training as a nail technician. I have to say that as both a client and now a technician I love the stuff.

Can be a bit tricky as its very runny but the ease of removal, the limited buffing needed on rebalance, the lack of buffing of the nail plate in the first place all make it so nice to work with. And despite being told by many sources when I was first thinking of using it that you can't sculpt with it, thats rubbish, I only sculpt & it works just fine.

I am a biosculpture salon and its fab ( not the only system we offer though) I would say that at least 80% of our nail clients now have biosculpture overlays on their natural nails and the colours are soo popular. Big Tip: Buy some little pots and custom blend the colours the clients love you mixing a colour just for them! IT is definatley not the cheapest system on the market but it is very good and a doodle to do. Good luck hope you do well.
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