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Jul 4, 2010
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I am just setting up and thinking of getting a bio ultimate gold from belle sante who arenow bio-theraputics. Getting a demo tomorrow but just wondering if anyone had used this machine and if so what results where like and what the company where like for training support etc. Also has anyone tried any of there other products like the microdermabrasion machine or oxygen?

Also are these treatments ( electrical popular still)

Hi, We have the bio ultimate platinum, we just upgraded from the gold, I do think used properly it is very effective. We have also just got the micro dermabrasion machine and were trained yesterday, im a bit unsure of it yet, as the after effects on all our skin were very red and scratched! and I know this isnt normal as ive had them done before. The trainer wasnt brilliant really, but the microcurrent is meant to be the best on the market.
Thanks for letting me know!

Anyone else use them???
Anyone else???
Anyone else???

Ive been using the Gold for over 6 and a half years now and think overall the machine is excellent.The machine you would be getting(if new)wouldn't be a Gold but a Platinum as Platinum is the newer version and has been out for a good while now.

The connection of the probes to the Gold machine was dreadful and kept breaking(it resembled a telephone connection piece that plugs into the wall socket)and part of it kept snapping off.I know of a couple of other salons that had/have the Gold who had exactly the same problem so I'm sure the newer Platinum has been modified in this area.The connector was quite expensive to replace so most of us resorted to glueing it back on each time it snapped off.(this did not/does not affect the working of the machine)

Caci and Bell Sante worked together and then parted so I consider both machines to be on par just the Belle Sante(Bio Gold/Platinum)isn't as well known.

Get as many clients on courses as you can,create a portfolio for the reception of befores and afters...It really is a nice machine to use and the CC is excellent and ongoing.

We have the Crystal Clear Micro Dermabrasion so haven't had the opportunity to try the Belle Sante.Hth a little.

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