Biosculpture Gel with Brisa Lamp


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Jun 14, 2003
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Can you cure the Biosculpture coloured gels with the Brisa Lamp?

I love the Brisa Gel but would also like to offer colours.

If anyone can advise I would be grateful!

Vanessa x
Technically you could, however you will more than likely not cure the biosculpture correctly.

My instinct would be that you would over nuke it, however to be honest, I have no clue what the amount of UV emission is needed to cure Biosculpture.

Maybe give Biosculpture a buzz and get their feedback?

Good luck :D
Hiya Vanessa

Glad to hear you are enjoying Brisa. I used to be one of those L & P techs who hated gel, manley because the Gel techs in my area were WRONGLY educating their clients in the evils of my prefferd system. Then CND Brisa Gel came on the market and I thought I ought to give it a try. I'm now a total convert preaching the wonders of successful Gel systems to my clients. :)
I would not recomend using the Brisa lamp with with any other system's gel products. I have not had much experiance with Biosculpture gel products, but my education and experiance of Brisa convinced me not to mix and match systems. Brisa needs the Brisa lamp to cure at optimum efficincy. Use any other lamp and you comprimise correct polymerisation. There for, I would suggest using the Brisa lamp for Brisa only. If you want to use Biosculpture's colourd gels use Biosculpure's recomended UV lamp. I am sure the Brisa system will offer a coloured range of gels in due course. Do you use liquid and powder systems at all? Creative Nail Design offer a great range of coloured and glittered powders (Mosiac and Metro) You can mix them up to custom blend your own unique range of coloured enhancement services.
Hope this helps you. I would love to hear how you get on.
Good luck
x x x
i don't no much about this, as i just qualified, but don't u go on like the wattage or sum thing of the bulb, and im sure like with most things, the lamps are prob made by the same people, in china!

Im sure that most gels just suggest that u use their particular lamp, as they are normally a damn sight more than other lamps.
cud have sworn on my course we were told that if u use say a lamp from the day light company, than u may just have to cure for a couple seconds longer. The lamp doesn't emitt special rays that work only with a particular product. Surly if u just find out what bulb each one takes then u will know if u can use the same lamp!

I am a biosculpture user and i use a 36 watt lamp. Its the LCN tunnel lamp with 4 bulbs. When i bought my bio kit i explained i had a lamp and they knocked it off the bill and said i would be fine to use mine. I have used it since with no probs. I would ere on the side of caution with the brisa lamp though as it isnt a standard lamp and has been manufactured for the exclusive use of brisa gel.
You cant go off of wattage sadly as there are tons of 4w bulbs that emitt more UV light than some 9w bulbs!
Wattage=power consumed not UV emissions.

There is such a huge varience in uv output from all lights, it is virtually impossible to tell if one light will cure another gel. Bulb shape and distance also have a massive amount to do with uv emissions.

Hope this helps.
wow! Why does it all have to be so confussing!

And money spinning!

I already use CND L&P which I also love and have the metro powders but not the Mosaic.

Just about to start my Master certificates too!

Finding it very hard to get the correct mix ratio when its nearly 100 degrees though!

Cant wait for Brisa to bring out colour gels and the like! Just being impatient!

Still not sure about Biosculpture - its just the sales woman went on about how it was organic and not damaging etc etc and I thought it sounded quite good. However when I mentioned that all nails were part of the acrylic family she said I was completely wrong! Also went on about how damaging they all were - also had never heard of Brisa although this is Cyprus! I will have to do a sales job on her too!!

I must say that I was shown a client having a soak off and her nails were perfect underneath.

Oh well I learn more with everyone I speak too!

Thanks everyone.
I have been told that all systems are organic and not to belive all the hype!

It isnt the system that damages teh nails it is bad techs

(dont shoot me just re-peating what I have been told will be happy to be corrected and learn the truth...LOL)
Bodacious is 100% correct.
The whole 'organic' thing is a silly gimmick. To qualify as organic, the product must contain at least a trace amount of carbon in it. Every single product I can think of qualifies as organic.
As far as the acrylic family thing... Vanessa you are 100% correct. Their system is an acrylic... check out their MSDS, I am taking a wild guess you will find that word Acrylate (or something that ends in acrylate) on it ;)
You are also correct in saying that there isnt a system that can damage the natural nail plate... its only crappy technicians or products that require you to 'rough' up the surface of the nail for adhesion that causes problems.

I still cant help with the Brisa lamp with BS products... Nor does it sound like the lady who you spoke to can help either. Maybe you want to drop an email to the guys in the UK or give them a buzz... they may be able to help.

Good luck
Hiya, I am a Bio-sculpture tech who has recently started using Brisa as well. I am using the Brisa lamp to cure both systems with no problems at all. In fact, I am seeing less breakages. I am convinced that the Brisa lamp is giving a better cure to my Bio-sculpture gels! And by the way, I'm loving the Brisa's - my clients are too!
Thanks everyone!

Will email Biosculpture this week to find out for sure although I can already guess I would need to buy a new lamp - its their sales after all!

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