Birthday ideas for an 8yr old


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Blue Rose

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Jan 16, 2008
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Hey peeps,

My daughter has her 8th birthday coming up next month & I need to start thinking about what to do.

Any ideas?

I'm all out of inspiration atm :-(
Minx toes & or fingers, a MINX badge + generic lipgloss ?
Shellac Glitter toes [or similar] + Bubbles in a bottle + a page/pkt of Glitter stickers.
The instant dry factor appeals to me with the Shellac and MINX :wink2:

Home made face masks, hand creams, lip glosses [loads more] all natural ingredients lots of recipes and kits for parties available online. Easy to follow instructions.
I'd have a party (obviously) and maybe have some of her pals over to stay for a PJ night... and like jnail has already suggested, you could do the whole minx and Shellac treat for them.

Does she have a password journal? ... all little girls around that age love those and the latest craze here are those flicker scooters.

I know being 8 these days isn't the same as when I was 8.... I'm sure I'd have been thrilled with a pair of roller skates or a barbie!! :)
My daughter never wants anything..... it's really hard to buy for her. When she was 9, I was so short of ideas I bought her a couple of guniea pigs :green:

This year I am thinking of some kind of lizard!

Someone bought her a subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine - she loves that and when it arrives on the doorstep she's always really chuffed. Am going to get her a Jacqueline Wilson magazine subscription. (Not sure what the mags called.)

Had she got a DS? PS? Mobile phone? Ours hardly get used tbh but I normally dig out the DS for long car journeys. Portable dvd player for car journeys?

How about a day out shopping with Mum choosing stuff and nice lunch. We like Carluccio's and Pizza Express for good kids menu. Although now she's discovered Jamie's Italian :rolleyes:

I say she doesn't want anything but when we're actually in Claires Accessories looking at lip balms, one is never enough!

Last year I got tickets for Lion King, that went down really well. Lucy is like me in that way though, she would rather have an 'experience' than a material object.

We have also done a course together at Soap School.

The reason it's so hard these days is because kids don't go without, so they're not hanging out for their birthday to get something like we were when we were kids. That's why I like to 'do' things, rather than buy things.

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