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Jan 16, 2004
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hi very one this is a different subject hope it is ok my husbands birthday is in april he will be the big50 i dont have a clue what to get him he has every thing else he works a a sea capt away a the moment so i would like some ideas please thanks lynda
What about a flying lesson course :)
Most men like the idea of being able to pilot a plane, and with your being in the sea most of the time, a new challege might appeal.
My friend bought her hubby a "diving with sharks" trip in an aquarium. I think she got it from "Red letter days" who do lots of stuff like that. Try a search for them, but if you want to know more and have no luck with the net I'll get the info from my friend.

As for the flying lessons, great idea, my dad bought me lessons for my 21st and i loved it. Cheapest way to do it is contact the airfield directly. You can get a 1/2 hour taster for about £35.
Hi Lynda,

You could look into those red letter day thingies - you can buy them at places like house of fraser. the idea is you buy a pack and it entitles the person your giving to to have a fab day! they cover things like hot air balloon rides, racing driving and stuff like that.

wh smiths offer a similar thing aswell.

i booked my husband a trip to brands hatch (although i booked it direct) he went driving in an audi tt and then in a racing car - he had a fantastic day!

hope you can think of something great to do! keep me posted on what you decide to do!

thank you jenn and lesley i did a search for Red letter and they hve every thing from flying to pamper days Newcastle is my main area for events i have requested a broucher i will keep you posted lynda
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